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Pre-Assignment Services

Contact with the company to define needs and preferences through a form designed to establish the profile of general requirements. Once completed, a proposal of relocation adapted to the specific needs of the Executive, his Family and the Company will be sent.

Look & See

Welcome at the airport or hotel with our At Home Relocation Pack.  Approach to the city with the objective of deciding the area of ​​residence and obtaining a General knowledge of life in Buenos Aires.  they go through different residential neighborhoods, schools, sanatoriums, shopping trips and places of entertainment.


Temporary & Permanent Housing

We assist with the rental of furnished units for a short period and with the reservations of hotels or apartments according to areas of interest during the pre-visit. Once in the country, the available properties are visited within the budget and areas already agreed upon.  We negotiate the price, the conditions and the contractual terms. We also attend the day of signing the contract and accompany the client to the property.

School & Education

We guide the expatriate in the pre-selection of the school for their children, taking into account the language of origin, the education received and the family's preferences. We coordinate the interviews with the selected establishments, accompany the interviews and assist in the registration process.  We have in our Team an educational psychologist to attend and guide any specific need of both school and treatment for children with special need or abilities.

Immigration & Visa procedures

Oriented to give support with all the procedures required by the client to obtain local documentation such as DNI, CUIL, Drivers License among other procedures.  We also do the follow-up for its renewal.

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